The Frontier 2019:
Birmingham, AL | August 19-21


The third annual Frontier: Industrial Innovation Conference will take place in downtown Birmingham, Alabama on August 19-21. Over the past two years, The Frontier has grown significantly by bringing individuals together to learn, connect, and rethink innovation. In 2017, over 170 innovation leaders representing 115 organizations from 15 states and nine major industrial disciplines attended The Frontier. Then, in 2018, over 200 innovation leaders representing 130 organizations from 20 states and 5 countries 17 major industrial disciplines attended. Join us for the next edition of The Frontier Conference 2019 as we engage an even wider spectrum of disciplines shaping the future of the industrial world.


“After two successful years, we are excited about Frontier 2019 and our move to Birmingham, a major epicenter of industrials – notably manufacturing, automotive, transportation and aerospace,” said Hank Torbert, Founder of The Frontier. “Our goal is to build an industrial innovation community across all sectors that allows for the collaboration of and expansion of emerging ideas and technologies.”


“From steel mills to start-ups, Birmingham is and has always been a city of builders. Though how we’ve built has changed throughout the years, the integrity of our product and the determination of our workers has not changed,” remarked Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin. “We are thrilled to welcome the Frontier conference to Birmingham to serve as a forum for innovation in production.”


Alabama is historically known as a leader in industrial sectors including aerospace, chemicals, and automotive. Even more, Alabama has invested in a state-level focus on advancement in technology, further positioning the state as a leader in the realm of industrial innovation. Moving The Frontier to Birmingham, Alabama for the 2019 conference was a perfect match with the state’s focus on advancing the industrial sectors. Alabama is home to companies that have been trailblazers, ultimately making billion-dollar impacts on the economy. These companies have made chemicals the state’s second-largest export product and have established Alabama as the third-largest exporter of automobiles in the nation. The energy for innovation in the state makes for the perfect setting for The Frontier conference as thought leaders will spend three days exploring how culture and innovation are transforming every segment of the Industrials sectors.


“I’m very excited to see The Frontier move to Alabama with Birmingham being the host city, an amazing industrial epicenter. As a result of the generational crew change, digitalization, and the greatest energy transition of our lifetime converging at the same time, today’s industrial world is rapidly transforming. We’ve learned innovation in this space is cultivated within industrial ecosystems, like Birmingham and many other Alabama cities, allowing them to transform in order to remain competitive. These ecosystems not only know the history of our industries, but they understand the current state and have a better vision for where our industries are heading,” said Kirk Coburn, Shell Technology Ventures. “When this clear understanding and vision are applied to the Frontier efforts, specifically our startup competition, it fosters the opportunity for companies to create solutions to the problems faced by many corporations around the state. We look forward to working with local partners across the state in order to create synergies and further innovative and venture strategies.”


The Frontier is the only conference focusing on emerging technologies for all the key industrial sub-sectors. It is a two-day, destination conference designed for those tackling some of the world’s toughest problems: including founders, Heads of Innovation, VPs of Strategy or Product Planning, C-level executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, finance professionals and everyone in between. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other industry disruptors, venture capitalists and creative problem solvers, be inspired by keynote speakers and collaborate with others in breakout sessions throughout the conference.


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