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One of America's most historic and culturally rich cities.

New Orleans lives and breathes its European roots in many ways and architecture is no exception. Hispanic-Gallic traditions are apparent in every neighborhood and townhouses throughout the French Quarter are said to be related to certain Parisian "hotels" with their courtyards and carriageways. Visitors particularly remember the decorative cast-iron balconies that cover many of these townhouses like ornamental filigree cages.


Sunny and Nice, Just Like Us.

In April, it's typically sunny in New Orleans most of the month. The temperatures average from 59 degrees at night to 79 degrees during the day. Dress casual and prepare for the food.

What to do and where to go

It's good to be in the know.

New Orleans is considered one of the most walkable cities in the country, and with so much to do, you'll find it extremely easy to get around. Whether you're walking from Audubon Aquarium or hopping on the streetcar to visit the historic cemeteries or experiencing some of the best Jazz in the world, take a look at Ten Things You Must Do In New Orleans and get ready for a great time.

Districts of New Orleans

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